We have saved our clients hundreds- even thousands - of dollars a month on their cellular bills. Many firms simply pay their cellular bills when they should be managing them and are often spending more then they should be on their wireless usage. Cellular Billing Consultant (CBC) has proactively assisted in the management of cellular phone accounts for over eighteen years, analyzing wireless bills for small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, finding savings where they couldn’t.

It’s simple, if we can’t save you money on your cellular bills it won’t cost you anything. We share with our clients in their savings as actually reflected in their bills. That works as an incentive to perform the most comprehensive audit we can. For our clients that’s a win-win.

The first step in controlling costs is the initial audit performed by CBC. We review the last three cellular invoices from the existing carrier(s), make our recommendations and then negotiate contracts to more appropriate plans based on this prior usage. We identify and correct billing errors and eliminate excess inventory resulting in cost savings without sacrificing services.

Following the initial audit, CBC provides monthly analysis and insights into current usage. The monthly management report is presented in an easy-to-read spreadsheet format and can be provided via e-mail to each department head for review of his/her departmental charges.

We work for you, not the carrier. As one of the most experienced cellular billing consultants in the business we’ve been regular contributors to Los Angeles radio station KNX’s ‘Money 101’ advising their listeners on managing their cellular costs. We’ve also been featured in Bloomberg Businessweek and the Los Angeles Times sharing best practices with their readers.

We’re confident we can lower your wireless bills. We manage your cellular accounts so you can focus on your business. Saving you money is our business.

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